A Professional Introduction

Remember when marketing and advertising was simpler? Buy a commercial during primetime, or in the Sunday paper, and rest assure you’ll have eyes on your message. Try that today and risk your target audience fast-forwarding through your commercial, or asking, “what’s a newspaper?” The options were not only narrower, but more popular. Netflix, Pandora and RSS Feeds have essentially killed the market-saturation approach. The internet has created a segmented market, and having all eyes on your message is, if not impossible, at least improbable. There are simply too many entertainment options competing for attention. How can Mr. or Mrs. Business tell the world they exist?

Every day the industry shifts closer to inbound, and away from outbound marketing. The consumer, if not actually smarter, is at least more clever about filtering messages. People, in general, spend much of their day trying to avoid advertisements. The shift is leading to companies utilizing a “branding” approach. Pushing the “brand,” rather than the “product or service,” prevents the consumer from instinctively tuning-out. A beneficial result of this shift is how creative possibilities expand. Focusing on “brand” broadens the businesses’ message. The objective shifts from, “buy our product,” to, “like us.”

Diversification has long been the safety net of investing. Even marketing strategies have incorporated the concept. Rather than focus a budget on a handful of media formats, spread the dollars across several. Not only does this allow for better market testing, but increases the likelihood of reaching your target audience. This isn’t a groundbreaking concept. Traditional marketing has prospered with this strategy for years. What is new, however, is the depth at which this concept is no longer a suggestion. Diversify or perish.

Today’s top marketing talent will be diverse. They will understand how to design quality content. How to create and curate. What it takes to build social engagement. How to turn a Like in to a Share. And a Follow in to a Customer. They will test and optimize as second-nature. Their ears and eyes will always be open to the latest trends, industry news and the competition. Most importantly, they will be capable of managing all of these concepts simultaneously. Top marketers will understand how to produce a commercial, upload it to YouTube, promote it on Facebook and Twitter, compose emails linking to it, edit blog entries about it, develop keywords for PPC advertising, and how to craft titles and alt-text for organic optimization. The segmentation of marketing disciplines, into specialties, is a diminishing necessity. Diversify or perish, in business, and professionally.

Internal corporate synergy is no longer an appealing business model, it’s an absolute mandate. The decisions of one department can no longer live in isolation. The consumer can now take their complaint directly to Twitter, for the entire world to see. Handling issues exclusively in-house can be detrimental in today’s culture. To succeed in marketing, all business divisions must communicate and collaborate. And the only way to truly foster this cooperation is to assure your marketer(s) understand the bottom-to-top concepts thoroughly. Today’s marketer(s) must understand the depth of systems, be they platforms, media formats or devices, because they all intersect. SEO, social media and advertising must all connect, and success depends on acquiring the talent that understands it all.

Today, more than ever, creativity is the key to marketing success. Digital marketing is such a new and evolving industry, that profit depends on equal parts “best practices” and “outside-the-box thinking.” The goal of every marketer should be: experiment, test, learn, and repeat. Follow the successes of industry leaders and expand upon their insights. However, as a wise man once said about obtaining knowledge:

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know, you know?”

~ Daniel M. Christensen

The Voice of A Working Progress...

The Voice of A Working Progress…

I hate the sound of my voice. I still have no idea how my own voicemail sounds. I don’t want to hear it. The reality of my voice isworse than whatever it is I hear when I speak. To anyone that’s ever heard me, I apologize.

Regardless how it sounds, I’m glad I have one. My limited hand dexterity wouldn’t allow me to hold a full conversation in sign language (sorry ladies).

Hearing your voice is one thing. Finding your voice is something else altogether. What should your voice sound like? What will it say? How will it say it?

As I started my journey through the un-filtered landscape of digital marketing, At first, I simply wanted to be present. I hoped to experiment. Learn, Evolve. Improve. So I started creating and curating. Spreading content across as many platforms possible. I was a machine possessed. On a mission to spread like a virus.

But, as I look back at my work, I notice the mistakes. The gaps in optimization. The lack of quality engagement. I see all the content I marketed, and understand it had no voice. Not unifying message. My voice sounds terrible.

One post was a self-created gif. Another was a link for better SEO. I wrote about a trending sub-reddit one day. The next was about networking on LinkedIn. I’d gain a follower because of a meme I created, then lose them because my next curation had nothing to do with what interested them in the first place.

In the process, I’ve learned my content needs a voice. And it won’t involve speaking to anyone specifically.

My day-to-day responsibilities are overwhelming in scope. I’m a hybrid-marketer. I practice, research and implement a multitude of marketing components. Webmaster. SEO. Social media. Content creation. Content curation. Copywriting. Networking. Email marketing. Direct marketing. Digital marketing. Traditional marketing. Guerilla marketing. Promotions. Public relations. Google AdWords. Social media advertising. Print advertising. And so on. And so on.

As I compiled a list of articles I read, presentations I download, pages I shared, media I created, accounts I followed, etc., I heard my voice.

I’m A Working Progress…

I represent the evolution and growth of a digital marketer. A trial-by-fire experiment, from creation and curation, to implementation and optimization. My hat collection is expansive, and I wear all of them daily.

My guess is I’m not alone.

I can’t focus on any one of these aspects. Not for long, anyhow. My mind, like my to-do list, jumps from topic to topic. I’m the profile of a multitasker.

So follow me, as I experiment. Share the things I like. Curate the content of interest. And if the voice you hear today isn’t interesting, understand it’ll talk about something else tomorrow.

Founder, CEO & CMO of BecauseYouGoogledMe (BYGM)


The creator of a digital brand. Because digital marketing experience gets lost in resume translation, I’ve created a viral portfolio of my work. To best illustrate my experience, I’ve built a digital brand. Because one day you’ll Google what I’ve done. So, BecauseYouGoogledMe, Here I Am.


As the Founder, CEO and CMO of BecauseYouGoogledMe (BYGM), I am responsible for building a digital reputation, engaging on social media, creating original content, sharing relevant industry articles, promoting organic virality, developing branded messages and constructing optimized platforms.

The following titles can be listed to define the multiple roles of my responsibility. However, digital marketers will soon be expected to master each of these jobs in synergy.

  • Director of Digital Marketing
  • Brand Manager
  • Content Producer
  • Content Curator
  • Social Media Specialist
  • New Media Producer
  • Online Reputation Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Web Analytics Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Art Director
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Artist

Brand Overview:

BecauseYouGoogledMe (BYGM) is a brand focused on creating and curating digital content. The brand mission is to organically build engagement, develop viral content and promote search optimization.

Experimentation , innovation and creativity are encouraged. The brand’s target demographics are evolving, as the audience and cultural trends direct content production. BYGM is run with a skeleton crew, who moonlights as a one-man department.

Social Bio:

BecauseYouGoogledMe, Here I Am. A Working Progress… A Socially Awkward Content Creator & Digital Curator. “Always Save Your Work.” SHARE if You LIKE.

Random Blurbs and Out-of-Context Copy, Part II

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“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know anything. You know?” BecauseYouGoogledMe, Here I Am. A socially awkward digital marketer. Creating, curating and sharing content. Consider this page my platform for spreading my digital identity; the singularity of all my work. If you like anything you see, you may like something else on this site – satisfaction not guaranteed.

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A socially awkward digital marketer building an online identity, one post at a time. I’m experimenting, mostly failing, but learning as I share. I understand the future of marketing is web-based, and building reputations, promoting engagmeent, creating organic virality and marketing content is where the industry is going. I’ll eventually be an expert, but for now, I’m linking the best I can.

These are (not) real reviews of my work and character.

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I work because I have a passion for marketing. I also work to pay rent, buy groceries, and afford Netflix. Currently employed, but only fools shut their ears to opportunities. Behind all the content, posts, comments, links, profiles and digital goofiness, is a professional. I promise.

Content marketing never a zero-sum endeavor. Winning in one are doesn’t infer losing (or winning) in another. Going viral requires going all-in, not just on your table, but all of them. Had enough “gaming” metaphors? The future of content marketing, and thus digital marketing, is the ability to adjust contnet and/or messaging according to the accepted consumption of media of the particular social platform. Marketers will be expected to understand the nuiances and intricacies of each digital medium. Here you will find links, examples of, and favorite self-produced content, across platforms.

The female demographic <3s Pinterest. As a marketing male, it’s my responsibility to understand why.

“The front page of the internet.” Everything popular in the digital world funnels through Reddit eventually. Master Reddit and the world is your bitcoin.

“Always save your work.” Not every idea is genius. Not every failure is a mistake. Here you will find a collection of my professional work, accomplishments and marketing decks.

We love to read lists, and no matter how old we get, we prefer our stories to have pictures. I contribute to the BuzzFeed community, and when I grow up, I want to be a BuzzFeed editor.

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BecauseYouGoogledMe, Here I Am.
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