A Windows XP Eulogy


If you’ve been tracking my progress, congratulations, you’re the only one. But you’ll also notice much of my content has been created to start the “next thing” on the internet. Thus far I have struck out every time.

But it only takes one…

And this one is the one…

That fails like all the rest.

But nevertheless, I’m going to try.

My latest attempt is based on the death of the popular operating system (O.S.) known as Windows XP. Microsoft has announced they will cease providing support for Windows XP, leading the slow, inevitable death of the O.S. No new computers will be made with it, and no new software will be made to support it.

But Microsoft XP has been a dear friend for so long, and deserves a better send off. XP deserves our ‘thanks.’ Our well wishes and final goodbyes.

Or at least a few last jabs at its virus-inducing platform. So without further adieu, I present the next great internet sensation to fail:


A Windows XP Eulogy: Your RAM Shall Live on Forever.










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