It’s About Practice. Practice? Practice!


Thank you, Mr. Iverson.

I’ll take it from here. What we’re talking about is practice. Content practice. Digital marketing practice. Curating practice. Creative practicing. Taking the lessons learned (from the many failed experiments) and turning those into successes.

What started with an idea: “I’d like some way to represent the quotes that come to mind at the most random times.” Has lead way to the practice. Practicing one of the web’s newest and most favorited art forms. The gif.

The average person uses the gif as a quick-form expression of thought. Be it a topical, trending cultural event. Or a snippet from our favorite television show and movie. Or the relatable “reaction shot.” We consume, enjoy and share gifs like few other forms of new media.

But few people see the gif as a marketing tool. Most overlook its simple, often childish tone, as silly web fodder. This oversight, however, represents a missed opportunity for marketing. A medium for promoting a repetitive message. A never-ending communication.  An easy-to-share media format which people are welcome to share.

In today’s new-age of marketing, in which digital “best practices” are being re-written each day, the gif is content the internet wants to share.

So it all comes back to practice. Practicing the art form. Practicing the messaging. Practicing the technical aspects of creation. The concept. The design. The development. The marketing. And I practice each of these daily. Content marketing in the future will rely on those people capable of creating virality. Able to create original content and spread it to a receptive audience.

Which circles me back to my point, something I so rarely have (which reminds me of a terrible joke, I just made up, and created the meme for).


Let Me Circle Back to My Point, I Was on a Tangent


I created a gif. Admittedly stolen from “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” . No, stolen seems harsh. It’s an homage to the famous SNL skit. The concept was simple enough: What to do with all the random, semi-insightful thoughts I have?” Once again stealing paying homage to the Subreddit known as “Shower Thoughts.” 

But honestly, my best thoughts come while upon my porcelain throne. So I went with “Toilet Thoughts by John W.C.” A multi-layered fart joke, if you will.

Quality quote aside, what this concept and design allowed me to do, was practice. What began as a non-existent understanding of Photoshop, has grown to a functioning understanding. I learned how to create a gif many moons ago. Today, I learned how to scroll text throughout each frame. Another tool for my marketing utility belt.

As time goes on, I’d like to expand upon this simple concept. Create new ones. Better quotes. Better backgrounds. Each time, improving my technical knowledge of content creation and Photoshop.

So without further adieu, I bestow upon the world…

"Toilet Thoughts" by John W.C.


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