Random Blurbs and Out-of-Context Copy, Part II

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Content curation at its most random. Review what I’m browsing, sharing and stumbling.

The social hub of all communication. Part random creations, part amusing insights, all #DigitalMarketing.

Read what I read and stay current with events. Helping me bring something interesting to the dinner-party table.

Why this Site Exists:
“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know anything. You know?” BecauseYouGoogledMe, Here I Am. A socially awkward digital marketer. Creating, curating and sharing content. Consider this page my platform for spreading my digital identity; the singularity of all my work. If you like anything you see, you may like something else on this site – satisfaction not guaranteed.

About Me:
A socially awkward digital marketer building an online identity, one post at a time. I’m experimenting, mostly failing, but learning as I share. I understand the future of marketing is web-based, and building reputations, promoting engagmeent, creating organic virality and marketing content is where the industry is going. I’ll eventually be an expert, but for now, I’m linking the best I can.

These are (not) real reviews of my work and character.

Facebook (me):
Call it mainstream, or call it uncool. Fact is, we all have an account. For SEO and credibility alone, a Facebook Page is worth keeping active.

My ongoing story. A journal of marketing experiments, concepts, insights and strategies. It’s not for everyone. May not be for anyone. But it’s me, written the best I know how.

Share if You Like:
A “Best Of” aggregate, packaged as a “fingers crossed” call to action.

Best of Social Page:
The social media Big 3. Embedded to promote. The majority of my digital identity is spread via these social media platforms.

Facebook (GT):
GameTime’s primary brand page. Promoting corporate messagings. Advertising. Responding to customer questions/concerns.

Twitter (GT):
Currently a low-engagment platform, but a digital marketing necessity. Tracks #Arcade, #FamilyEntertainmentCenter, #Miami, #SportsBar & #Tampa to engage with target audience.

Deisgned structure and flow. Webmaster for all content, upated weekly. Building SEO through edited revisions based on keyword metrics and analytics.

Work Page:
A portfolio of work, projects and marketing materials, cross-linked for optimization. I can explain what I’ve done, or I can show you in real-time.

The only social media with a dress code. My preferred networking platform for “suit and tie” posts, links and discussions.

Visual CV:
A “save the trees” resume. Best Case: Updated quarterly. Worst Case: Updated immediately.

So many job boards, why Indeed? To be perfectly candid, it’s the only one permiting profile sharing.

Cover Page:
I work because I have a passion for marketing. I also work to pay rent, buy groceries, and afford Netflix. Currently employed, but only fools shut their ears to opportunities. Behind all the content, posts, comments, links, profiles and digital goofiness, is a professional. I promise.

Content marketing never a zero-sum endeavor. Winning in one are doesn’t infer losing (or winning) in another. Going viral requires going all-in, not just on your table, but all of them. Had enough “gaming” metaphors? The future of content marketing, and thus digital marketing, is the ability to adjust contnet and/or messaging according to the accepted consumption of media of the particular social platform. Marketers will be expected to understand the nuiances and intricacies of each digital medium. Here you will find links, examples of, and favorite self-produced content, across platforms.

The female demographic <3s Pinterest. As a marketing male, it’s my responsibility to understand why.

“The front page of the internet.” Everything popular in the digital world funnels through Reddit eventually. Master Reddit and the world is your bitcoin.

“Always save your work.” Not every idea is genius. Not every failure is a mistake. Here you will find a collection of my professional work, accomplishments and marketing decks.

We love to read lists, and no matter how old we get, we prefer our stories to have pictures. I contribute to the BuzzFeed community, and when I grow up, I want to be a BuzzFeed editor.

My photo sharing social platform of choice. Here you’ll find nearly all my image content, sorted by (arbitrary) album (titles).

Random Blurbs:
Amusing Blurbs
A Never-Finished Product
BecauseYouGoogledMe, Here I Am.
A Curation of Content by BecauseYouGoogledMe
The Links of a Digital Identity
A website created to cross-link, self-promote and experiment
Q:Why does this exist?
A: BecaseYouGoogledMe



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