Random blurbs and out-of-context copy

A personal curation of self-created content, digital marketing experience and career-based promotions.

Tracking career accomplishments and work-related projects. In an effort to eliminate the hindsight effect, here is an aggregate of work a related projects and career accomplishments, before its requested.

Choosing our words carefully is a virtue. Unfortunately so few of us do it nowadays. CuzYouGoogledMe is my digital soapbox, full of creative content and questionable responses.

Despite becoming the senior’s social media of choice, Facebook is a marketing staple. Here you will find a curation of all my content.

A curation of pages, posts, topics, articles and assorted content. Linked and bundled to create better referrals, quality scores and optimization. Plus a simpler way to discover my interests.

Here I Am. A Working Progress… Experiments in #DigitalMarketing. A crosslinked curation of self-created content.
Amusing blurbs. Clickable content. Randomly unique. Ocassionally meh. SHARE if You LIKE.

The profiles of my digital content footprint. Posted and promoted. Like electronic breadcrumbs. It’s the good, bad and ugly of experimentation. Viral is the goal, but often its meh?

“Real” reviews posted on our most trusted sites.

A CV of current works and ongoing projects.

An always updating page. Learning is an ongoing process, and this site compiles all my successes and failures. Consider this an aggregate for all my projects.

Embedding the three most popular social media platforms, updating in real-time. Follow, Like, Favorite or Comment if so inclined. Building quality scores, optimization, and social engagement.


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