The Future of Gifs is Heartless

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘gif’ as “a computer file format for the compression and storage of digital video images.” . Doesn’t that just scream viral

We all know what a gif is, even if we can’t exactly define it. We see them on almost every page we visit. Entire sites are dedicated to creating them (Make a Gif is my favorite). And those social media giants that don’t support them (*ahem* Facebook ) receive backlash.

In 20 years, will gifs be the preferred content medium? Doubtful. But sooner than later, businesses are going to catch on. Thusly beginning the gif extinction.

But before the forced-hype, watered-down, corporate humor versions of gifs consume our web advertising, some Creatives are going to do what they do best. Experiment.

Most marketers will agree, in-your-face, overt brand pushing, is the most effective form of advertising. But with gifs being what they are (short-form media), how will that version of advertising look? Is the repetitious format of the gif enough to reinforce brand?

Or perhaps shadiness will prevail. The 50’s saw the first recorded use of subliminal messaging in advertising , to mixed results. Some experts denied its power, others recognized the subconscious capabilities.

Will modern-day versions of “Eat Popcorn,” or “Drink Coca-Cola,”  find themselves ingrained in our gifs?

To help you mull over your thoughts, I’ve created a couple Subliminal Message Gifs for your “amusement.” Do these make you hungry? Thirsty? Want to go to Jared?












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