Was Snapchat Being Hacked a Good Thing?

The world is only speeding up. Unfortunately, as a consequence, children aren’t granted the same timeline of innocence previous generations blissfully enjoyed.


Snapchat being hacked should come as a surprise to no one. It was a matter of when, not if. But is it good that it was finally hacked? I’d argue, from the perspective of a concerned parent, it’s the best the best thing that could happen to the platform.

Of course anytime personal information, including cell numbers, user passwords and private messages, are taken without permission, concern, even fear, is justly condoned. But complete, blind-sighted reliance upon any social media site to protect personal information is a dangerous mistake.

As teenagers tire of Facebook and instead, upload their social life to platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, concerned parents have difficulty keeping up. Ask a teen why they no longer use Facebook and they’ll respond, “because my parents are on it.” Ask that same teen why they trust Snapchat, and they’ll respond, “because my parents don’t know how to use it.”

And no one wants their Grandma to poke them, or comment on their new selfie.Image

But with the unwelcome “invasion of privacy” parents bring to their children’ social media, also comes a necessary involvement in the content teens are openly sharing. Parents are rapidly learning the Facebook platform, and in turn, are better suited to check in on their children. To assure they aren’t uploading a mistake they’ll regret later.

Snapchat being hacked may force teens to acknowledge their privacy is easily stolen. Foresight has never been a tool of the youth. Understanding a site they willingly supply with private information is vulnerable will hopefully force them to grow up a bit quicker.

If you would like to find out if you’re Snapchat account has been hacked, please visit http://www.lookup.gibsonsec.org, provided by Gibson Security. They are providing this service, free of charge.



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